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Elise currently teaches middle and high school choir in Manhattan. She teaches a studio of private voice students in New Jersey and New York City and taught voice privately and as Adjunct Faculty at Drew University in Madison, NJ from 2012-2016. Elise is a certified member of NATS. Many of Elise's students have successfully auditioned for All-State and Regional choruses, school and community musical theater productions. Some have gone on to study voice in college with acceptances to Rutgers Mason Gross, Montclair University and Philadelphia School of the Arts.


Why study voice?

Elise believes that voice lessons not only help develop healthy singing skills, but also build self-confidence and leadership in students. Many students who study voice do not end up becoming famous singers, but often will be more willing to speak in front of large groups, and build skills in self-expression.






"While working with Elise, I have grown both as a singer and as a person, and I will always be grateful to her for that." - Elena, age 15


"I recently sang a solo part with my church choir when the designated soloist backed out at the last minute. I knew the notes, but had never sung a solo part in church. Having just a few minutes practice with the choir before the church service began, I drew on the training I'd gotten with you to keep my singing open, pleasant, and my diction clear and understandable. It went well through both services, and the choir director was extremely pleased with my performance.


I wanted to thank you, Elise, for all the preparation we did that made this possible. The work we did on phrasing, breath control, shaping notes, and keeping my cool while performing in front of people made me confident about tackling a complicated piece on short notice. After the service people asked me how I did it, and I told them "I have a great teacher".  - Arthur, adult student


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